Tuesday, March 24

The art of Catholic camping

I failed. As I was thinking of a topic for this blog entry, I started to think about my camping trip over the weekend. Me and the fam went to lake Murray Oklahoma, where a fun time was had by all.

I say that I failed, because it would have been a perfect opportunity for me to lead by example, and display a devout Catholic faith to a few of my extended family members who haven't been to mass in awhile.

Sure, we had a few conversations about church teaching here and there, made fun of the Presbertyerian who came along for the ride, and went zombie hunting in the forest (to show how pro-life we were), but that was about it. Not once did I lead grace before meals, or say a prayer with the group.

Maybe to display a devout Catholic faith, one must actually have a devout Catholic faith? This is something that I am working on. Lesson learned. I have to do better next time. I will.

Monday, March 23

Yet another test blog.

I am testing Ping.fm's capability of posting a blog entry on the phatmass blogspot. If you see this on blogger, then it worked. If not, then you are not reading this right now, and you should stop.