Tuesday, March 24

The art of Catholic camping

I failed. As I was thinking of a topic for this blog entry, I started to think about my camping trip over the weekend. Me and the fam went to lake Murray Oklahoma, where a fun time was had by all.

I say that I failed, because it would have been a perfect opportunity for me to lead by example, and display a devout Catholic faith to a few of my extended family members who haven't been to mass in awhile.

Sure, we had a few conversations about church teaching here and there, made fun of the Presbertyerian who came along for the ride, and went zombie hunting in the forest (to show how pro-life we were), but that was about it. Not once did I lead grace before meals, or say a prayer with the group.

Maybe to display a devout Catholic faith, one must actually have a devout Catholic faith? This is something that I am working on. Lesson learned. I have to do better next time. I will.

Monday, March 23

Yet another test blog.

I am testing Ping.fm's capability of posting a blog entry on the phatmass blogspot. If you see this on blogger, then it worked. If not, then you are not reading this right now, and you should stop.

Tuesday, November 18

Mystery EWTN Turner Onner

So every time I pass the break room at my place of employment, I turn the TV channel to EWTN, and then leave. I'm cool.

Wednesday, November 5

Barrack Obama. My next President.

Well, it's over. The pro-choice candidate won. Let's pray that Obama unites this country instead of dividing it. Let's pray that he truly is interested in reducing the number of abortions, despite his strong pro-choice stance. Let us pray that he has a conversion of heart when it comes to abortion, especially when and if he has the opportunity to appoint new supreme court justices.

Tuesday, September 23

Notre Dame, Packers and Favre

It was not a good week for football. Notre Dame lost. The Packers (the G logo actually stands for God, by God's request), and Favre, the greatest Catholic football player ever, all lost. Oh well.