Tuesday, September 23

Notre Dame, Packers and Favre

It was not a good week for football. Notre Dame lost. The Packers (the G logo actually stands for God, by God's request), and Favre, the greatest Catholic football player ever, all lost. Oh well.


David said...

I beg to differ on your assertion of Favre being the best Catholic player ever. That title belongs to Troy Polamalu. Check out this article o him: http://www.pittsburghcatholic.org/newsarticles_more.phtml?id=1746

And not only is he a hardcore Catholic—he can play too: http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d80afdad2.

Go Steelers!!

dUSt said...

Unfortunately, Troy Polamalu is no longer Catholic. he recently converted to Eastern Orthodox, and is no longer in communion with the pope. :(