Tuesday, November 18

Mystery EWTN Turner Onner

So every time I pass the break room at my place of employment, I turn the TV channel to EWTN, and then leave. I'm cool.

Wednesday, November 5

Barrack Obama. My next President.

Well, it's over. The pro-choice candidate won. Let's pray that Obama unites this country instead of dividing it. Let's pray that he truly is interested in reducing the number of abortions, despite his strong pro-choice stance. Let us pray that he has a conversion of heart when it comes to abortion, especially when and if he has the opportunity to appoint new supreme court justices.

Tuesday, September 23

Notre Dame, Packers and Favre

It was not a good week for football. Notre Dame lost. The Packers (the G logo actually stands for God, by God's request), and Favre, the greatest Catholic football player ever, all lost. Oh well.

Thursday, September 11

Softball, website updates, and cheese.

So I got a call from my buddy today to sub for some guys in a local softball league. Went 2 for 2 and 2 walks. 100% on base average.

As for the updates, I'll be fixing up the phatmass "more" section tonight, printing a few t-shirts, and possibly debut a couple new designs before finally falling asleep.

Cheese. It's good.

Wednesday, September 10

Catholic Vote 2008

Some pham brought my attention to this dope video produced by Grassroots Productions. Peep the sweetness.

Hi, my name is dUSt.

Hello. My name is dUSt, and I am the author of this here blog. I plan to invite a few of my friends and small yard animals to post in this blog as well. I hope you, my friendly visitor, will enjoy it. For now, I have to go, as I am setting up a new blog on the internet, which keeps me very busy.