Wednesday, November 5

Barrack Obama. My next President.

Well, it's over. The pro-choice candidate won. Let's pray that Obama unites this country instead of dividing it. Let's pray that he truly is interested in reducing the number of abortions, despite his strong pro-choice stance. Let us pray that he has a conversion of heart when it comes to abortion, especially when and if he has the opportunity to appoint new supreme court justices.


The Random Head of a Magpie said...

You know what makes me more sick then having him as president elect? It is the fact that everyone around me seems to think that he will be able to fix everything overnight. I have never seen so many people make a politician more like a miracle worker than people do of Obama. This makes me more sad and disappointed than him actually becoming president. We can fight one man. It is harder to fight a large group of people.

Pita said...

What makes me sad is when i returned to work the next day after the elections, everyone in my office kept asking me if i was okay...but in a very condescending, gloating way...and I answered them, "yes i feel so much for those poor unborn children who are going to be slaughtered under obama's reign." to that, many of them bit their lips because they wanted to just go off on me. the truth hurts, but its not easy convincing people...i guess they have to see it for themselves... :-(